The Dolomites have recently been declared a Natural World Heritage Site. The proclamation took place on Friday, June 26th in Seville, Spain with the unanimous favourable vote from all 21 of the UNESCO Committee members.

Within a simply extraordinary mountain setting, those fond of nature and outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds can practice an endless number of activities and discover the beauty of a vast and stirring landscape.

Choose the best way to enjoy yourself...
Mountain Bike: From peak to peak, you can cross the whole Rendena Valley. You will pedal along country roads, off-road tracks, forest trails and cycling paths all surrounded by a unique spectacle: on the one side the Brenta Dolomites and on the other the imposing massif of the Adamello-Presanella. A cycling route suitable for families is the one that follows the Sarca river for about 20 kms which allows you to cover the entire Rendena Valley without hard uphill climbs.

Nordic Walking: The “Dolomiti Nordic Walking Park” in Madonna di Campiglio is composed of 6 different routes with varying levels of difficulty and climbs which leave directly from the Conca Verde (“Green Dell”) in the heart of the town, for a total of 32 kms. The park is situated between 1550m a.s.l. and the 2100m of Spinale peak from where you can view the marvellous landscape, with the spires of the Dolomites to the east and the peaks of the Adamello and Presanella group to the west. The Park proposes a number of courses in and around the centre of Madonna di Campiglio such as the Blue Course (“percorso blu”), the Red Course (“percorso rosso”) which follows the famous “Giro di Campiglio” (tour of Campiglio) or the Black Course (percorso nero) which goes as far as Vallesinella. Near the Conca Verde and the little lake it is also possible to learn and practice Nordic walking following the indications found along the training course.
Lastly there are a few routes higher up in the mountains, easily reached by cable-car which brings you up as far as the panoramic area of the Spinale.

Free-climbing: free-climbing embodies a particular and alternative approach to mountains, where the aim is not so much to reach the “summit” but to test one’s athletic abilities. It represents a certain search for elegance and to challenge one’s skills with the goal of overcoming ever increasing difficulties. Furthermore, even those who prefer classic climbing practice free-climbing with noteworthy results, refining their techniques and increasing their athletic abilities.

Mountaineering: for those who desire total contact with the mountain, full of sensations and emotions and friendships with fellow climbers, the mountain guide is the traditional and “historical” companion.
From rock courses to “normal” routes, from the easy routes to difficult grade routes, the Mountain Guide becomes a natural friend and instructor, guaranteeing your safety and at the same time teaching you all about the most appropriate techniques needed in order to handle the various difficulties found along the routes.

The classic climbs: the tall and important peaks surrounding Madonna di Campiglio represent an extremely satisfying and fulfilling destination for aficionados of mountaineering. The joy of conquering the summit combined with the enjoyable emotion of the climb along various routes, most of which are of difficulty levels suitable for the majority of climbers, make up a truly unforgettable experience.
The Tosa Peak (“Cima Tosa”), the Brenta Peak (“Cima Brenta”), the Presanella and the Adamello will give you the opportunity to admire truly unique panoramas. All this and more in the company of your Mountain Guide.

Golf: The “Campo Carlo Magno”Golf Club is a 9-hole golf corse with a total length of 5,227m (5,716 yards). The course is amongst the oldest and highest in Europe, located at 1,650 m a.s.l. surrounded by forests and boasting a beautiful view of the Brenta Dolomites.

  1. Dolomiti patrimonio dell'umanità
    Le Dolomiti sono ufficialmente inserite nella lista del Patrimonio Universale dell’Umanità Unesco.

    Il nostro hotel si trova a Madonna di Campiglio nelle Dolomiti di Brenta.
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